5 ciudades imperdibles en la costa italiana de Amalfi

Costa Ravello Amalfi

La costa de Amalfi es uno de los tramos de costa más espectaculares de Italia y uno de los mejores lugares románticos para ir . La costa de Amalfi comienza en el pueblo de Vietri sul Mare (desde donde se tomó esta foto), justo al oeste de la ciudad de Salerno. Si buscas cerámica y cerámica, Vietri sul Mare es un buen lugar para comprar.

Los trenes desde Roma o Nápoles paran en Salerno y desde allí se puede llegar a las ciudades costeras en autobús o en verano, en ferry. También puede conducir a lo largo de la costa, pero prepárese para un camino estrecho y ventoso que a menudo está lleno de gente.

Echemos un vistazo a las principales ciudades para visitar. Puede ver sus ubicaciones en nuestro Mapa turístico de la costa de Amalfi .

Primera parada en la costa de Amalfi: Minori


Gillian Longworth McGuire, author of Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials E-book, shares her suggestion for an authentic holiday destination, the town of Minori.

Positano and Capri might get all the attention with their dramatic beauty, star sightings and high end shopping, but there is a little town just a few bends along the famous Amalfi Coast drive that is worth a visit.

Like it’s much larger neighbor Amalfi, Minori was once a powerful shipbuilding center centuries ago. Now the town has a quiet old fashioned charm. There is a small beach where you can lounge under an umbrella during the day and In the evening the seaside boardwalk is busy with the traditional passeggiata or in mid July, summer celebrations of the town’s patron saint of Trofimena

A stay in Minori is like stepping back in time to the Amalfi Coast of decades ago. Minori is less Hollywood glamour and more authentic Italian holiday destination. The town is also well known as a gourmet paradise. Make sure you stop for a pastry or gelato at Sal di Riso’s famous shop in Minori’s main piazza. For the history buff, don’t miss the first century Roman villa with it’s Pompeii style frescoes and intricate mosaics.

Where to Stay in Minori:

  • Villa Primavera is a bed and breakfast run by an Italian-German family with two conservatory musicians.
  • Palazzo Vingius, located at the end of the town's promenade, has wonderful views of the sea.

La ciudad de Amalfi en la costa de Amalfi

St. Andrea Duomo Amalfi
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Amalfi was once one of the four powerful Maritime Republics (along with Pisa, Genoa, and Venice) but now its a charming town at the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Built on the cliff, narrow streets lined with shops and restaurants wind up from the beach to the top of the town.

Amalfi has a lot of history and you'll see medieval architecture, an impressive cathedral decorated with mosaics, the Cloister of Paradise, and some of the best beaches on the coast. Amalfi is famous for hand-made paper and you can learn about its history at the Paper Museum and explore the Valley of the Mills outside town.

Every four years the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics with historic boat races and a parade is held in Amalfi.

 Where to Stay in Amalfi:

Música, cocina, villas y vistas en Ravello

Arcos de piedra en Villa Cimbrone
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Ravello is a tourist town in the hills above Amalfi with fantastic views and beautiful gardens and villas. Visit the 13th century Villa Rufolo with its exotic gardens overlooking the sea.

The town is known for its summer music festival, Ravello Festival, with concerts, dance performances, and art exhibits held in venues in town. The Ravello Concert Society holds performances from April through October, most of them at Villa Rufolo. If you're interested in cooking you can spend a day in Mama Agata's Kitchen at her cliff-top home and gardens overlooking the coast.

Where to Stay in Ravello:

Praiano, uno de los mejores pueblos de la costa de Amalfi

Playa Praiano
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Praiano was a small fishing village that's now a seaside resort. Nestled below the cliffs, Praiano is more spread out than most of the other towns, stretching along the sea. Visit the Church of Saint John the Baptist with its 12th century majolica tile floor and the 12th century Church of Saint Luke.

Near Praiano, in the village of Conca dei Marini, you can take Select Italy's Limoncello Tour & Tasting: Magic Lemons of the Amalfi Coast including a visit to a lemon grove, making limoncello liqueur, and lunch.

Where to Stay in Praiano:

There are many hotels built into the cliffs, usually with good views and elevators connecting to the sea. Here are a few well-rated hotels in Praiano.

Positano , El mejor lugar para ir en la costa de Amalfi

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Positano is probably the most famous and popular town on the Amalfi Coast. The colorful town rises up the steep cliff above the sea and is accessed mainly by pedestrian-only walkways and winding staircases. A bus runs on the main street between the beach and the top of the town.

Positano is known for its high-end shops and artisan shoemakers. Below the town are sandy and rocky beaches and the sea here is great for swimming. Ferries run from Positano along the coast and to the island of Capri. From the top of the town, you'll have great views.

Positano is a starting place for several Amalfi Coast Guided Tours and outside town are good hiking trails, both along the coast and in the hills.

Where to Stay in Positano: