Los 7 mejores kayaks inflables de 2020

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Mejor general: Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Inflatable Kayak en LL Bean

"Un kayak confiable y liviano que puede asumir una variedad de condiciones de agua".

Mejor presupuesto: Intex Challenger K1 en Amazon

"Un tamaño perfecto para que una persona explore aguas tranquilas, ya sea un lago o un río lento".

Mejor kayak para dos personas: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak en Amazon

"Incluye dos asientos inflables, dos remos, una bomba manual de alto rendimiento y un kit de reparación".

Mejor kayak de tres personas: Sevylor Big Basin Kayak de 3 personas en Amazon

"Tiene tres asientos ajustables que puede mover a su gusto".

Lo mejor para el lago: Intex Challenger K2 en Amazon

"Puedes navegar en el lago fácilmente gracias a su diseño elegante y su aleta skeg extraíble".

Lo mejor para acampar: Oru Beach LT en Overton's

"Viene con un estuche y es liviano, pesa solo 26 libras".

Mejor Whitewater: Aire Tributary Tomcat Kayak en Leisure Pro

"Cuenta con una carcasa exterior de PVC resistente con costuras soldadas resistentes a los pinchazos en condiciones más duras".

Mejor general: Kayak inflable Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

Kayak inflable deportivo Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

For a reliable and lightweight kayak that can take on a variety of water conditions, choose the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak from Advanced Elements. This one-person kayak features a hybrid design that combines the durable folding frame found in plastic kayaks with an inflatable set up. It also has aluminum ribs that stretch from the bow to the stern to allow for more stability and paddling control. This kayak uses a spring valve to inflate and deflate quickly and is easy to inflate using an NRS Super2 pump, which is sold separately. Once the kayak is inflated, you only need to attach the seat before you can get onto the water. Reviewers noted that they were able to paddle long distances comfortably and found the boat was easy to get in and out of.

Mejor presupuesto: Intex Challenger K1

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The small Intex Challenger K1 is a perfect size for one person to explore calm waters, whether it's a lake or a lazy river. And at a low price point, the kayak is ideal for beginners who are new to paddling and want a reliable ride. It comes in a bright green color at nine-feet long and weighs 25 pounds when not inflated. Because of the smaller size and load (220-pound carry capacity), the sporty kayak can cruise through water with stability and agility. It comes with a cargo net for gear storage and has grab lines on both ends. The kayak comes with one 86-inch aluminum oar, a high output hand pump and a repair patch kit.

Mejor Kayak para dos personas: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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With the Intex Explorer K2 kayak, you’ll get an inflatable kayak that will get out on the water quickly and easily, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a hard-shelled, hard-to-transport kayak. The 10-foot kayak uses puncture-resistant vinyl in a bright yellow color for high visibility. It comes with two inflatable seats and has both front and back handles and grab lines. There is also a removable skeg to keep you tracking in the right direction in calm waters. When not inflated, the kayak weighs just 31 pounds to carry. When inflated, it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The kayak comes with two 86-inch aluminum oars, a high output hand pump, and a repair patch kit.

Mejor Kayak para tres personas: Kayak Sevylor Big Basin para 3 personas

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Sometimes you don’t want a big boat, but you still want a vessel to glide through the water with your whole party. The Sevylor Big Basin is a three-person kayak that's still inflatable and portable. Users say that two adults fit extremely comfortably in the kayak; three adults might be a bit tight (but it's possible). It is 12-feet long with a dual-protected base to keep punctures at bay. The boat also comes with three adjustable seats that you can move as you please, as well as spray covers to keep riders at least slightly dry. When inflated, it can hold up to 490 pounds of weight. The kayak does not come with oars or an air pump. Included accessories include a carry bag and pressure gauge. It weighs around 45 pounds when not inflated.

Lo mejor para el lago: Intex Challenger K2

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The Intex Challenger K2 features a sleek design that lets you cruise on the river or lake easily thanks to its removable skeg fin. Although this two-person kayak is a bit heavier than some other options on our list, weighing 33.57 pounds when its not inflated, it has a longer length and a cargo net for hauling gear. The kayak is 11.5 feet long and holds up to 400 pounds of weight. There are removable and adjustable inflatable seats, as well as a grab line on both ends to haul the boat in and out of the water. Plus, the kayak is made from a puncture resistant and UV-damage resistant vinyl, so you can use it for all your lake excursions for years to come. The kayak comes with two 86-inch aluminum oars, a high output hand pump, and a repair patch kit.

Lo mejor para acampar: Oru Beach LT

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Some of the most popular camping destinations are by a body of water, so bringing an inflatable kayak with you on your trip is a great way to take advantage of that perk. While the Beach LT by Oru technically isn't an inflatable kayak, it's a great option because it's lightweight at just 26 pounds and easily compresses down to 12 x 28 inches. It also comes with a carrying case that's convenient to take with you on your trip or stored away in the car for easy accessibility. This kayak can be set up in 10 minutes using side release buckles and is intended for calm waters. The Beach LT measures 12 feet in length and is made from durable double-layered polypropylene.

El mejor kayak de aguas bravas: Aire Tributary Tomcat

Oru Beach LT
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If you're looking for an inflatable kayak to use in whitewater conditions, look no further than the Aire Tributary Tomcat Kayak. This single-person kayak features a rugged PVC outer shell with welded seams that is tear- and puncture-resistant. It also has a three-chamber hull design that offers stable tracking on the water, making this boat a great option for beginners who are just starting out on rougher conditions. If the kayak does happen to tip over while in use, there are handles on the underside of the boat that make it easy to tip the boat back over. The inflatable seat is comfortable, and there are 12 cargo loops inside that can be used to attach dry bags or any other gear you want to take with you. It uses Summitt II valves for inflation and has mesh drain holes to drain excess water out quickly. The Tributary Tomcat Kayak measures 123 x 36 inches and can accommodate up to 325 pounds.