Visita la costa de Amalfi de Italia

La costa italiana de Amalfi ha sido durante mucho tiempo un destino popular y romántico. Su espectacular costa, mar claro y clima templado han atraído visitantes desde la época romana. Desde la costa de Amalfi, hay varias excursiones fáciles de un día a los principales lugares de interés.

Dónde alojarse en la península de Amalfi

Si planea pasar la mayor parte de su tiempo explorando las ciudades de la costa de Amalfi y la isla de Capri, las ciudades de Positano o Amalfi son una buena base. Desde Positano, puede visitar otras ciudades en autobús o transbordadores que salen desde su puerto hacia las islas y la ciudad de Sorrento o realizar una excursión guiada de un día . Construido sobre un acantilado, Positano es una de las ciudades más pintorescas y lujosas de la costa. Amalfi es una ciudad turística encantadora e histórica, también construida en las laderas de los acantilados.

Como las carreteras de la costa de Amalfi son estrechas y ventosas, viajar en autobús o en automóvil puede ser lento, por lo que si desea realizar más excursiones de un día, considere quedarse en Sorrento al otro lado de la península. Sorrento es una ciudad encantadora que está bien conectada por transporte público. Es más grande y ofrece una gama más amplia de opciones de hotel. 

Transporte y dónde alojarse

Los colores brillantes de la península de Amalfi

Ferries run between Sorrento and Amalfi or Positano, a nice day trip that lets you visit both parts of the peninsula as well as view it from the sea.

  • Visit Sorrento if you're staying on Amalfi Coast or Amalfi Coast from Sorrento
  • Island of Capri
  • Pompeii Excavations
  • Naples
  • Mount Vesuvius Volcano
  • Island of Ischia and Thermal Spas

Select Italy offers several options for Amalfi Coast Guided Day Tours including grottoes and islands by boat, road trips, cooking classes, or visits to archeological sites or wineries.

Excursiones de un día desde la costa de Amalfi o Sorrento

Una pasarela del jardín
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Visiting the enchanting island of Capri is a highlight of an Amalfi Coast holiday. A favorite with Roman emperors, the rich and famous, artists, and writers, it's still one of the Mediterranean's must-see places.

Visitors arrive at Marina Grande where there is a funicular to take you up the hill to Capri, the island's main town. You can also catch a boat from Marina Grande to visit the famous Blue Grotto. To get to Anacapri, the highest town on the island, you will need to take a bus or taxi. Villa San Michele, in Anacapri, has beautiful ​gardens with spectacular views. Nice beaches can be found all around the island.

Travel by boat from Positano and enjoy a cruise around the island of Capri with this full-day Capri guided boat excursion, through Select Italy, or if you're staying in Sorrento take the ​Capri Small Group Tour that departs from the port of Sorrento.

The island of Capri can easily be reached by frequent ferries and hydrofoils from Sorrento and less frequent ferries and hydrofoils from Positano and Amalfi. Note that in winter, fewer ferries are scheduled and ferries are usually canceled in bad weather. Schedules on websites are not always up to date, so check at the port.

Excursiones guiadas por la costa de Amalfi

Templo de Apolo, Pompeya
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The excavations of the Roman city of Pompeii, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is one of Italy's most popular ancient Roman sites. The archeological site is huge and there's a lot to see so plan to spend at least half a day there. There's a snack bar inside the archeological area and several restaurant choices in the modern town of Pompei where the excavations are located.

Transportation to Pompeii from Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast

From Sorrento, you can easily get to the excavations on the Circumvesuviana train line. Frequent trains go to Pompei Scavi (excavations), taking about half an hour. Check the schedule on the Circumvesuviana website. If you have time for another site, you can take the train to Ercalano Scavi (Herculaneum), a smaller site, about 17 minutes farther down the rail line, or take the bus to Mount Vesuvius if you are finished with Pompeii quickly.

From Positano or Amalfi, the trip is longer as you will first have to take a bus to either Sorrento (and follow above directions) or Salerno and then take the regular train to Pompei Scavi, about a 45-minute train trip.

If you prefer a guided tour departing from Amalfi Coast, Select Italy offers a ​Lost Cities - Pompeii and Herculaneum Tour.​

Isla de Capri

Horizonte de Nápoles
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You probably won't have time for all of these but these are top choices for a day in Naples:

Find out more with this guide to Naples Attractions

From Sorrento you can easily get to Naples on the Circumvesuviana train line, taking a little over an hour. You can take the train all the way to Napoli Porta Nolana, in a nicer part of town than the main train station. Check the schedule on the Circumvesuviana web site. You can also take a ferry from Sorrento to Naples if you prefer to travel by boat (see Alilauro website for ferry schedules).

From Porta Nolana station, you can walk or take a taxi to the historic center.

Qué ver y hacer en la isla de Capri

Italia a la sombra del Monte Vesubio
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Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that hovers above the Bay of Naples, is part of the National Park of Vesuvius and is open to visitors. From the parking area and ticket office, the walk to the summit of the crater is about 20 to 30 minutes uphill on a rocky trail. On the way up there's a good view of Naples. Mount Vesuvius Visitor Information gives you an illustrated look at visiting the volcano.

From Sorrento, take the Circumvesuviana train to the Pompeii-Villa dei Misteri stop. From the station in Pompeii, there is bus service by Busvia del Vesuvio. Check the train schedule on the Circumvesuviana website.

Some hotels in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast offer excursions to Mount Vesuvius, probably the most convenient way to get there.

Guiado en la isla de Capri Excursión en barco

Vista panorámica del mar por la montaña contra el cielo.
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The island of Ischia is known for its thermal pools with healing waters and its health spas. Water from the natural hot springs, heated by volcanic action, is believed to be the most radioactive in Europe and is good for a variety of health treatments including rheumatism.

Ischia is farther than Capri but is visited by fewer tourists so it can make a nice getaway if you don't mind the longer boat ride. You can take a ferry to Capri, then transfer to an Ischia ferry. From Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi there are one or two morning ferries daily that continue on to Ischia after a stop at Capri and return in the afternoon. ​Schedules on websites are not always up to date, so check at the port.

Transporte a Capri

Excavaciones de Pompeya

Excursión a Pompeya y Herculano desde la costa de Amalfi


Qué ver en una excursión de un día a Nápoles

Transporte a Nápoles desde Sorrento o la costa de Amalfi

Monte Vesubio

Transporte desde Sorrento

Isla de Ischia y balnearios termales

Ferries a Ischia desde Sorrento y la costa de Amalfi